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Hi everyone!

A lot of people have called/visited the cinema asking about physical tickets
for Monday's A Hawk and a Hacksaw show.

Tickets will be available at the S&S Box Office over this weekend. The best
times to get one are:

Saturday night, during 'It's Not the Arriving, It's the Getting There'

Sunday, during the Make 'n' Mend Market

Tickets will be available from the Box Office on both days. PLEASE BE AWARE
that there's a small number and the show is fast selling out – if you can,
you're super-advised to get one online.

We're massively excited about the show, & hope you are too. Also, if you
haven't seen the latest line-up additions, check them out through links –
Dan Haywood's New Hawks and Moa are both amazing!

Online tickets: www.wegottickets.com/event/109825


The Star and Shadow Cinema is absolutely thrilled to present A Hawk and a
Hacksaw, as part of their latest US/European tour with new album Cervantine.

Basically, we've been digging these guys for many years now, not just
because of their awesome music but because of the whole ethos. The new album
is released on the band's own label, which was created as a way to bring the
folk traditions of Eastern and Southern Europe direct to the ears of a more
Anglo-American clientele, and anyone else whose life was missing Hungarian
drinking songs, gypsy melodies, Greek folk songs and Serbian brass.

But they don't just ship that stuff straight over:  Hawk and a Hacksaw's
music re-interprets Eastern European influences through the prism of
small-town New Mexico, creating a soundtrack for roadtrips, bar stomps and
late-night drinking and dancing.

Whilst A Hawk and a Hacksaw are bringing the fruits of other traditions to
our shores, they're important to our own recent musical traditions too. The
band started out as a solo project of Jeremy Barnes, at that time better
known as the accordianist/drummer from the legendary Neutral Milk Hotel, and
it's down to him and the other A Hawk and a Hacksaw members that you've
heard Beirut.

A Hawk and a Hacksaw soundtracked Zizek!, and they've toured alongside
Portishead, Calexico, Wilko, Of Montreal and others.

Basically folks, it's gonna be an honour. We really don't want you to miss
it, and there'll be more than enough good vibes to go round..

Listen to their music here:


Dan Haywood's New Hawks

"Dan Haywood’s New Hawks are a collection of songs, and also a band, whose
epic scope marries transatlantic cosmic roots music with a deeply poetic
English folk soul. A rambling, rolling band whose crazed stage presence,
with band members swapping instruments and psychic powers amongst themselves
and with the audience, has ensured them cult status. " - Qu Junktions


Moa (Little Lamp Records) plays carefully crafted creature folk, swinging
between the sweet and the scary with his intricate folk tales. He was raised
in the wilds of Northumberland, so this is almost a 'homecoming' kind of


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