COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Reopening:

Over the last six months, we at Star and Shadow Cinema have been gradually working through a plan for reopening. We have focused on doing that in a way that feels as safe as we can make it for everybody who uses Star and Shadow as a space to meet, work, produce, watch and share culture. We sincerely hope we can offer a caring and exciting space to enable people to come together again around cinema culture.

We have taken some important steps to reduce the risk of transmission, most notably

- We recognise that COVID-19 is transmitted predominantly through airborne vectors and so we have undertaken a major upgrade to our ventilation system increasing the flow of clean air and rate of extraction to reduce circulation of air in the cinema and venue.

- We have produced a detailed COVID-19 specific risk assessment emphasising social distancing, the wearing of face coverings, contactless payment, increased cleaning and volunteer training.

- All volunteers will have been inducted to familiarise them with our risk assessment.

- We have put in place new cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures to reduce the risk of transmission. We have produced new signage and installed hand-sanitising stations to ensure people understand how to follow our COVID-safety procedures.

- We have minimised the reopening to solely the cinema, with a low frequency of screenings. We have also introduced a distanced seating plan to limit numbers. Please check this page for any updates regarding reopening the cafe and the bar/music venue.

- No volunteers are expected to work in the venue should they feel uneasy about the risk to transmission.

- We agreed to reopen the cinema through a consensus decision-making process where volunteers could share their opinion equally. The result to reopen was therefore arrived at democratically.

We have also used this time to look inwards, initiating a process to reflect on our inclusiveness and our response to systemic forms of privilege and oppression. We have created two new collectives - an access collective looking at how to break down barriers to participation for people with extra support needs; and the 7cz group exploring how to make Star and Shadow a safer and braver space to be.

We really hope that when you feel safe to return to the Star and Shadow you will feel comfortable with the plans and procedures we have put in place to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19. We really look forward to reigniting the Star and Shadow in collaboration with you.