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A magical mix of music, dance and visuals


Sun 31 May // 19:30 / Venue Space

Tickets: £12/10

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Pneûma is a captivating exploration of breath, offering its audience a beautiful and immersive performance, in which movement, sound, light and visual imagery combine magically to evoke the poetics of breath. Moment by moment we draw on the invisible air, catch scents, sounds, messages and signals. Our lives are suffused with myths and folklore images of the life-giving potency of breath - of breath lost and regained. Breath signals our birth and our passage from this world. As we listen to the tidal interchange of breath in the body, memories and dreams rise to the surface of awareness, making visible our uniquely personal sense of being alive.

A collaboration with dance artists Cai Tomos, Eeva Maria Mutka, Simon Whitehead & musician Jonah Brody.

“To watch Pneûma - and to listen to it and to allow it to generate thoughts - is let oneself loose into what it has meant to be human. The shape and interplay of elements of music, light/ projection and dance creates a feast for the ear, eye and imagination. Wonderful.”
Hugh Brody, Writer and Anthropologist