Eyes Wide Open: Student Edition

EWO: Student

The Star and Shadow Presents

Eyes Wide Open: student edition

Share your own short film on many, many different screens!

Director: You, me, them.
Date of festival: July 3-4, 2020
Venue: online via starandshadow.org.uk
Tickets: Free
Submissions: Free

Submissions Deadline: June 15, 2020

Star and Shadow Cinema is a volunteer-run DIY space in Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, UK. It is an open-to-join co-operative, housed in a building it owns on Warwick Street. It is dedicated to grass roots culture - particularly cinema and music. All are welcome to programme events at the cinema, following a simple volunteers induction. There is no boss!

A small group of volunteers are organising a film festival for students taking place early July 2020 - open to under- and recent graduates of all stages. We hope this festival will lessen the disappointment of postponed and cancelled degree-shows and screenings and we are inviting some friends from the arts and film sector to participate in the screenings to see your work!

We believe that your involvement in the Star and Shadow and the expanded creative field in our Northern region keeps it alive and vibrant - join us for the festival, meet new people, and experience new things! You are also welcome to join the Star & Shadow as a volunteer, we’d love to work with you!

Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open is an infrequent screening at the Star and Shadow Cinema, run by volunteer and filmmaker Arto Polus. Anyone can screen their short films on a big screen in a friendly environment, inclusive of filmmakers of all levels, local and nationwide. Anything goes: amateur, professional, experimental, documentary, drama, music video, artist film, animation, and work-in-progress. First films, pet projects, or years in production - we want to see them all!

Find the Star & Shadow Cinema and Eyes Wide Open, both on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or check the Star and Shadow website for details: www.starandshadow.org.uk

Questions? Contact festival team at: submissions@starandshadow.org.uk



We (Eyes Wide Open: student edition team) aim to screen a wide range of projects celebrating the diversity of moving image in the North of England from current students and recent graduates.

Date & venue

The online screenings will take place during the weekend of 3-4 July, 2020 via an online platform and the form of the screenings to be later specified by the festival team.


The submitted project is produced by either a) a student or a recent graduate or b) a crew composed primarily of students or recent graduates. We accept all genres and durations; however, the project must be available as a single-channel online screener.


Projects can be submitted to this festival by filling in the online form below by June 15, 2020. The form must include a link to your film on an online host (preferably Vimeo or Youtube) with the permissions open to allow others to embed the film, until after July 5, 2020.
Please indicate the category your project fits best: animation, experimental, narrative fiction, documentary.


The work you are submitting must be your own work or work of a crew that has given you full permission to submit the project to this festival. You must hold full rights to the project you are submitting or must have obtained all necessary permissions to enter the work into this festival, and warrant that the work does not infringe any rights, including copyright, legal, moral, or third parties, including persons featured in the work.
By applying you agree to setting the Privacy settings of your video on your online host (i.e. Vimeo, Youtube, etc) to be Open and Viewable to All for the time period between June 15-July 5 2020, and it can be embedded anywhere on another webpage (this is a requirement for the screening host we will use, and you can return settings to private after the screening).

Selection & notification

We aim to screen all submissions that fulfil the requirements specified above. The festival team reserves the right to disqualify a project from inclusion in the festival on the basis of any rights infringements, or in cases where the submitter has provided insufficient information (details specified in the submission form).
The festival team will notify all submitters about the selection via the email provided in the submission form by June 28, 2020.


By submitting the work to this festival you grant the festival team to screen your work as a part of this festival as well as to publicise still images and details of the work for promotional purposes.

Submission form








(please write N/A if not applicable)



For inclusion in promotional material




By submitting your film to this screening you agree to the terms specified above and authorize Star and Shadow Cinema to show it as a part of this online screening

You have set the Privacy settings of your video on your online host (i.e. Vimeo, Youtube) to be Open and Viewable to All and can be Embedded anywhere on another webpage (this is a requirement for the screening host we will use, and you can return settings