Star & Shadow relocation…

There will be a second Extraordinary General Meeting relating to the Star & Shadow's relocation and build on Monday 6th October.
All interested volunteers and members of the public are encouraged to attend. 
This will be an opportunity to open the discussion on developments so far, update everyone on progress, and provide a chance for volunteers to find out what they can get involved with therein.
See you then!

The Forum…

Lots of progress has been had in finding options, and making plans for the future home of the Star and Shadow Cinema. In order to communicate all this exciting (and continually developing) information there's a forum you can visit and post on…


Share your thoughts and questions, and get up to date with the progress happening in all other areas surrounding the future of our Cinema and spaces. Let's make our new home super!

    Coming Soon:


    Event: Alement - Star And Shadow Beery Local Occasion Fundraiser

    20 Sep 2014, noon

    For one day only a fantastic festival of local beers and ales from around the North East with food and music. Come and drink to our future and raise the money to help us be sure we have one! Special events will make it a real occasion!


    Film: Waking Life (2001)

    21 Sep 2014, 7:30 p.m.

    A man shuffles through a dream meeting various people and discussing the meanings and purposes of the universe


    Meeting: Programming Meeting

    22 Sep 2014, 6 p.m.


    Film: Greenpeace & Cinema Politica Newcastle Present: Pre-Screening - Black Ice (2014)

    23 Sep 2014, 7:30 p.m.

    A fantastic chance to see the first prescreening of the new film by Maarten van Rouveroy telling the story of the Arctic 30. An incredible opportunity to come and show support and to learn more about these brave campaigners and what's happening in the arctic…be there!


    Event: Private Booking

    24 Sep 2014, 2 p.m.


    Film: The Wildest Dream - Conquest Of Everest (2010)

    24 Sep 2014, 7:30 p.m.

    In 1924 did mountaineer George Mallory, torn between love for his wife Ruth, and his obsession with the last great adventure left to man, become the first person to reach the summit of the untouched Mount Everest?


    Film: By Order Of Things (Vom Ordnen Der Dinge) (2013)

    25 Sep 2014, 7:30 p.m.

    A sympathetic film about unusual people and unusual habits. Collectors, counters, surveyors, “self-optimisers” – they all believe in the explainability of the world,  giving order to chaos.  The problem is when it no longer takes place only in the minds of individuals but also the complex bureaucracy of the state - and mutates into a lumbering monster.


    Gig: Kobadelta (Ep Launch) Plus Support

    26 Sep 2014, 8 p.m.

    Kobadelta are a Newcastle based five-piece dabbling in dark and heavy 'indie-psych-rock' For more info contact kobadelta@hotmail.co.uk


    Gig: Yellow Creatures Ep Launch

    27 Sep 2014, 7:30 p.m.

    The Mistakable Sound Of Presents: Yellow Creatures - ‘The Year of Everything & Nothing’ EP Launch, Plus support…”Brand-spanking-new Newcastle quartet, who have emerged over the last year to become purveyors of whip smart, intelligent post-punk, whilst also looking forward into stranger, more surreal territory…” Endless Window blogYellow Creatures celebrate the release of their second EP, this time in collaboration with Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums. Featuring projected images of the Grubb Parsons Ltd collection belonging to the archives; A selection of glass lantern slides of mirror tests created at some point during the mid 20th century by the former Tyneside telescope manufacturer.Saturday 27th September Doors 7.30 pm - lateTickets £3 in advance, £4.00 on the doorAll ticket proceeds to be donated to The Star And Shadow Cinema


    Film: Horvatov Izbor (Horvat's Choice) (1985)

    28 Sep 2014, 7:30 p.m.

    It is 1918, the evening of 'The Great War'. The Austro-Hungarian Empire is collapsing, and all around Croatia there are outlaw deserters, fighting in forests. A city journalist decides to become a country schoolteacher, just to find some peace in that restless political situation. 


    Meeting: Other Meeting

    29 Sep 2014, 6 p.m.


    Film: Cancelled

    1 Oct 2014, 7:30 p.m.


    Film: Touching The Void (2003)

    1 Oct 2014, 7:30 p.m.

    Documentary telling the true story of two British mountain climbers who stared death in the face while climbing a treacherous peak in the Peruvian Andes. Based on a book by Joe Simpson.


    Film: The Wiz (1978)

    2 Oct 2014, 7:30 p.m.

    The Wiz is an urbanized retelling of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz featuring an entirely African-American cast featuring Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell, Ted Ross, Mabel King, Theresa Merritt, Thelma Carpenter, Lena Horne, and Richard Pryor. Dorothy, a shy Harlem, New York, schoolteacher finds herself magically transported to the Land of Oz, which resembles a fantasy version of New York City. Befriended by a Scarecrow, a Tin Man, and a Cowardly Lion, she travels through the land to seek an audience with the mysterious Wiz, whom they say has the power to take her home.


    Event: Michael Jackson & Diana Ross Disco

    2 Oct 2014, 9 p.m.

    Evening Event for the Wiz


    Event: A Bit Crack - Storytelling - Dreaming The Land. Tales Of The Forgotten North Double Bill

    3 Oct 2014, midnight

    In 1935 Herbert Maryon made a brief excavation of a burial mound near Alston, unearthing questions which have grown more potent with time. One of the artefacts was an incredibly rare find, a single piece of pure, beautifully worked gold. Who was the burial for? Why was it in the Kirkhaugh hills? What is the meaning of this piece of gold? Dreaming the Land


    Event: Private Booking

    4 Oct 2014, 12:30 p.m.


    Film: Flubber (1997)

    4 Oct 2014, 2:30 p.m.

    An absent-minded professor discovers "flubber," a rubber-like super-bouncy substance.


    Event: Ghetto Method...Cancelled...

    4 Oct 2014, 8 p.m.

    SORRY…this has moved to another venue…check online for details