Welcome to the newest peice of common land in the city!  WE OWN THE BUILDING! ('we' is anyone who gets involved in this completely open, horizontalist organization, which hopefully includes YOU!)

These are some of the things we have been working hard to sort out for the future of the Star and Shadow.

Owning our building
We took a big decision - to buy our building and spend a huge ammount of effort in making it a really excellent resource.  We still have to repay a hefty mortgage but it feels positive to no longer be at the mercy of someone else.

Daytime Opening
The S&S is now open during the day more often, bringing the opportunity for you to organise, participate and volunteer at daytime events and projects.

Increased accessibility
Sloping ramps instead of steps, fully accessible toilet, "changing places loo" with straps and hoists for people with profound disabilities. The projection booth is fully wheelchair accessible, as is the whole building. We also plan to have a hearing loop installed.

More Regular Screenings and Events
Both the cinema and the venue space are fully sound-proofed. We were restricted in the old building to only holding one event at a time due to noise. We can now hold events simultaneously in both rooms. Including during the day time.

Digital Screenings (DCP)
Although we love real film, we have got a DCP setup finally.  We can show an ever increasing variety of films this way, and using the clever open source DCP-o-matic software, "can create a DCP from almost anything"

16mm and 35mm Film Projection
Celluloid film is where the true heart of cinema beats.  Our 16mm and 35mm projectors can have their xenon spirits ignited once again.  

Music Recording Studio
Blank Studios, who are leasing part of our building from us, will provide their facilities for S&S use 2 days per month, providing opportunities for training, music recording  and experimentation for anyone interested.

We have a volunteer run cafe!  It is open every Sunday, and will open more often as volunteers sign up.

Venue/Space Hire
You can enquire about using us for an event as a private hire/ public event.

We will continue to remain cheap and accessible.

Independent and Alternative