Unearthing Forgotten Horrors 2014

Sat 15 November 2014 // 12:00 / Cinema

Psychic Field Recordings presents "Unearthing Forgotten Horrors 2014". Much like last year we have scoured the shady backstreets of Europe in search of some of the most bizarre, obscure and interesting horror inspired wizards of sound. 

Aderlating: Nausea inducing 20 khz drones, distorted tape hiss and raped soundscapes resonate while the most vile of demons provide a diabolical orchestration to celebrate the death of everything. Aderlating feature Mories and Eric of Gnaw Their Tongues fame, and will be making their UK debut at this year’s “Unearthing Forgotten Horrors”.


Kemper Norton: The mysterious music of Kemper Norton draws its power from its apparently conflicting facets, which put the listener in a confused but entirely pleasurable state. The sound is formed of acoustic folk miniatures swimming through pools of synthetic texture, while found sounds float to the surface, dredging up tiny hints of dance rhythms in their wake. These ingredients - far from being a casually picked, if natty, selection from the twentieth century's smorgasbord of genres - are stirred together with idiosyncratic focus to produce a strange, heady brew that's neither folk nor electronica, neither analogue nor digital, but something else; boasting new flavours with familiar seasoning. (Text taken from an interview in the Quietus)



Fordell Research Unit: Took their name from the Force Research Unit (FRU) a covert military intelligence organization that was active in Ireland during the troubles, and a small village in Fife (Fordell). The brainchild of Fraser Burnett, Fordell are purveyors of some of the finest drones heard this side of R’lyeh.


Joseph Curwen: HP Lovecraft inspired Post-Rave Hauntology Rituals and Radiophonic Occult Synth Horror Soundtracks, from Newcastle-upon- Tyne, England. Based on the weird bit between life and death the day after a big party.



The Soulless Party: The Soulless Party venture forth on their quest to explore (and colonise) the analogue universe. They released their EP “Exploring Radio Space” in March 2011, and followed up this up by creating the album 'Electronic Encounters'. Working with other artists, this album was a tribute to the movie 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' 

A second album entitled 'Tales from the Black Meadow' has cemented them as one of the UKs finest ambient electronic artists.



Chonyid: Featuring members of The Psychogeographical Commission, BONG, and Joseph Curwen. Chonyid explore liberation through hearing during the intermediate state.


Emily Jones: The daughter of cult sixties folk artist Al Jones, Emily Jones lives in a little house on the edge of a salt marsh in Cornwall. She has been secretly writing melodic yet disquieting songs for many years, but has only recently let a few of them escape out into the big, wide world, where they have begun to gain some attention and airplay. Emily recently released the critically acclaimed album “The Book of the Lost” with The Rowan Amber Mill, and will be making her Newcastle debut performing a set made up of her darkly beautiful songs.



Aetheric Anomalies: Ætheric Anomalies is the solo visuals/film side-project of S.: (The Psychogeographical Commission) This performance is part of a series using feature films hacked to pieces, manipulated, spewed onto a screen and soundtracked to create an intensely psychedelic subverted distillate.


Septimus Keen: Septimus Keen creates hypnotic tones inspired by the loop manipulations pioneered by Delia Derbyshire and mastered by Howlround. Eternally oscillating tones weave themselves together to create entirely new sounds as they overlap and part again in a trancelike Sci-Fi-Delic drone. Imagine the sounds of the church organ from `Children of the Damned’ and the Hobbs Lane pod from `Quatermass’ flitting from ear to ear……well it’s not quite like that but it certainly occupies the same solar system.



Colugo: Guitars merge with voices - effected and looped. Arboreal Dronescapes."


The Equestrian Vortex: Born from their mutual love of classic 1970s and 80s horror cinema this duo construct soundtracks to horror movies that were never made. Hailing from the dankest, seediest corners of Newcastle upon Tyne, they are an occult celebration of the hidden practices of magick and the supernatural, using their love of vintage analogue synthesizers to inspire their paeans to the darker side of esoteric culture.


Church Burner: Music’s equal to waking up on broken glass in a piss soaked alleyway, Church Burner summon an abyss of ultra-sloppy pitch black metal filth and crumbling death industrial. No hope here, just the gaping maw of an eternal void. Total Abruptum worship!

This year's films are the underappreciated Freddie Francis gem "Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly" and Ken Weiderhorn's "Shockwaves" starring the legendary Peter Cushing.

As well as all of this we are putting together an interesting art project with local artists...more of which we will disclose in good time.

Tickets are available from wegottickets priced at £11 each which includes a £1 booking fee.