Body Melt present: DMX Krew

Fri 17 June 2011 // 22:00 / Cinema

Body Melt 2 : The Meltdown

After the initial explosion Body Melt are back to mutate yr mind and body! Radiating ph-ph-ph-ph-phhhhrrrrreeeeesssshhhhh Underground Electro, Acid, Braindance, Electronix in the main room. With a tighter more refined sound, epic visual art, and extra special guests this will be one nuclear meltdown not to miss. Seek salvation and solace on the Holy Mountain

DMX KREW - (Rephlex/Breakin/Gigolo/Ghostly Int...ernational)

What is there to say about DMX Krew? Too much. One of the original Braindance innovators Ed’s 80’s influenced records on Rephlex and his own imprint Breakin’ Records are now classics with their tongue in cheek nods to B-Boy Electro body rockers, Miami Bass, Synth Pop, and early Rave energy.

2004 saw a stylistic turning point for Edmx with the anonymous release on Rephlex entitled “The Collapse Of The Wave Function”. An analogue sounding fusion of Grime, Dancehall, and Electro which would signal a new era and an onslaught of releases that would be more experimental and purely electronic sounding than the previously perfected 80’s sound he had become known for, a triumph of reinvention and reinvigoration. From Drexciyan Electro excursions, full on Acid workouts, EBM bangers, BBC Radiophonic Workshop inspired experiments, Braindance Techno, Library Music come Funk come Disco voyages, with many others styles beyond and between and all done with his own unique sound and style.

Anybody who has witnessed Edmx’s live sets at Bangface, Bloc Weekender, Rephlex parties etc will know how hyped up he gets things going. Armed with a TB 303, Akai MPC1000, Laptop, Vocals, Vocoders, FX and his own Visuals DMX Krew will be presenting a unique live Electro/Braindance show you will be talking about for years to come!

DMX Krew radio:
An Aladdins cave of live sets and dj mixes

Get on it!

Soundex Phonetics (Militant Science/Pomolo/Bass Gun)

Playing live and working up an Electro shitstorm in support is one of our favourite electronic shapeshifters Soundex Phonetic aka DJ Espee aka Steven Patton. Well known on the established Glasgow Electro/Techno scene and a contemporary of Rustie,Voltaic,Chordata etc this guys productions are storming tight electronic workouts that will get you popping, locking, jacking, raving or grooving...whatever you prefer. Releases on Pomolo, Bass Gun, and Paul Blackfords Miltant Science have topped the Juno download charts and drew high praise from DJ Stingray himself!!!

If in doubt check out this tight ass shit!

Free album download
Crackin DJ set

DJ support comes from an allstar cast of Body Melt regulars Funsize Jonny, The Sins Ov Rome, plus guest DJ’s Armaged:don and DJ Yoz. And If you have seen Funsize Jonny lashing out the Electro recently you’ll be well aware of how likely it is he will single handedly smash the place.

HOLY MOUNTAIN cinema room

Anybody who was at the first Body Melt will know how very special and very different this room is! To begin with it's actually in a functioning cinema, an absolute feature of the night, definitely not just another “backroom” at a club, last time we had Richard Dawson playing the bassoon at the same time Mike Bong was spinning overdriven Japanese psych mentalists High Rise! Inspired by the Alexander Jodorowsky film of the same name, The Holy Mountain room aims to take you on a musical journey that is as far out, revelatory, hallucinogenic, visionary as the great mans film. With Jazzfinger Soundsystem,Phippertronisc
he, Capo Ultra and Usurper Pancake Manhattan at the realms of the mountain, guiding you upwards and onwards through the mist, towards greater heights.

Visuals in both rooms provided by Max Lermontov.

Tickets will be £8 because we are good to you! They will be available in the physical domain very soon, details to follow.
Although it does seem typical we would advise getting one, the last night sold out very early and people were showing up in taxis getting turned away...which is a pisser for all concerned.

Mutants and Miscreants arise! Geiger counters at the ready!
10:00 pm – 4:00 am