A Last Minute Night of Music and Poetry

Sat 11 June 2011 // 20:00 / Cinema

A last minute night of music and poetry at the Star and Shadow. Acts you can expect to see are this Saturday (11th June 2011):

James R. Bell
Newcomer James R. Bell has began making a name for himself in the local performance poetry scene. It's hard to define exactly what he does, but I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

The Venus Equator
Not so much a band as two socially messed up guys who attempted to start a band and failed miserably. The Venus Equator have recently started doing gigs as a duo. They describe their music as a cross between Hardcore Punk, Free Jazz, Sludge/Stoner Metal, No Wave and Zappa/Beefheart type stuff being played by a giant walking, talking wicker phallus with the soul of Blind Lemon Jefferson.

Rory Peace
Rory peace is a poet who, as his name would suggest, is very peaceful. He is a sensitive little flower so you should all be very nice to him (although he does occasionally like it rough, but you should ask him first).
His turn ons include: Being beaten at drafts, being beaten at connect four and being beaten at backgammon. I have absolutely no idea what this has to do with his poetry, but I'm sure he's very good.

Longlast are a band who play Minimalist Spoken word music. They were formed when one of the members broke up with his girlfriend and wanted to winge about it.

Free entry; suggested donation £1