Thu 25 April 2013 // 20:00 / Cinema

This is a special gig of writing and music, and the result of an experiment! 

On the afternoon of 25 Apr, 4 writers and 5 musicians will get together at the Star & Shadow Cinema to combine their skills and write songs together. The result of this workshop will be showcased in the evening!

This event is FREE! Come along!

Also, if you’re a musician/writer/poet and that you would like to come along and play/read some writing to the night, please do so – the night will work a bit like an open mic night.

If you have any questions about participating, don’t hesitate to get in touch on


The musicians participating to the afternoon workshop, and who will be performing on the night include:

Willie Duggan

Willie Duggan makes improvised outer space blues music/noise, and you can check out his website here:

Joseph Eldridge

Joseph makes TranceStep or chillstep, with influences including Classical, Dubstep, Trip Hop, Electronica, Filmscore and Dub reggae.

Miss Danby and the What 

This is how Miss Danby described her music: “Raw, honest and from the heart. You either love it or you hate it.”You can check out what this great band (that we love!) is up to here:

The Creels

The Creels are an amazing and fun duo of 2 guys who sing great little jazzy folk songs. Check out their music here:

Thomas Batham

A great guitar player who makes songs influenced by gypsy/jazz, funk and folk. He also plays quite a few other instruments, and makes guitars!

Candis Carr


Tracey Iceton – narrative, classic rock.

Sean Burn – weird cut-up poetry and visuals

You can check out what Sean is up to here:

Sean Urquhart – prog rock, spoken word, a novel

You can check out what Sean is up to here:

Guy Mankowski – novel on postpunk musicians

Background on the project

This gig is part of a larger research project led Dr Adam Hansen, senior lecturer in English Literature at Northumbria University. This project aims to look at the links popular music and literature, exploring connections and conflicts between writing (fiction and non-fiction, past and present), and popular music (modern, contemporary or otherwise).

Adam Hansen published the book Shakespeare and Popular Music in 2010: exploring the interactions between Shakespeare and popular music, this book links these seeming polar opposites, showing how musicians have woven the Bard into their sounds.

The book is available on amazon, and you can see more information about it here:

This event is supported by Northumbria University.