Club night fundraiser: signals from the north

Sun 24 August 2014 // 23:00 / Cinema

Star & Shadow and Signals present THE FINAL FRONTIER. 

Sunday 24 August. 

£6 pound door tax! 11pm til 4am. 

Operating for just under, what 8 years?! In the face of nay-sayers and an ever present gentrification brigade. The Star & Shadow venue in Byker will be closing it's doors sometime soon to be resurrected somewhere else but who knows when and who knows where?! 

This will be one of the last chances to say goodbye to one of the only truly independent venues in the city. In order for it to keep going in another form it needs money and this is your chance to support! 

The venue as a building will be closing but funds are needed to relocate. 

They'll be no more parties in the space we've grown to love, that's a fact and this will be the last ever Bank Holiday throw-down. 

What you'll get in return for parting with 6 pounds is a great night with a great sound system and fantastic Disk Jocks that over the years have established the venue within Newcastle folklore. 

Support, spread the word and help the venue go boldly out with a bang or live long and prosper in a new form, new life, strange new worlds YADDA YADDA YADDA.... 

You've enjoyed some great parties and gigs over the years that are mostly run with no backing and no corporate spudhead speak so this is your chance to return the favour. 

PROFESSIONAL DISK JOCKS will include Peter Mangalore from Manchester, Justin Mills who is the best DJ in Newcastle FACT, Mike McHugh who has won awards for running the best record label in the NE4 postcode for two seasons running also bit of live action from the Tokyo Acid Crew lads. 

More info to come....