The Films of Enrico Cocozza

Dir. Enrico Cocozza, scots-english, 1950-60s

Thu 18 February 2010 // 19:30 / Cinema

 1 CHICK'S DAY  1949 - 1950 Director: filmed by Enrico Cocozza Production company: Connoisseur Productions , sound Colour: bw Fiction: Drama  Running time: 31.55 mins

Genre: amateur, crime Description: The story of two young boys who commit a robbery. Amateur Cine World Film of the Year 1951Scottish Amateur Film Festival Lizar's prize 1951
Described by Cocozza as 'fiction-documentary'
Originally produced as a silent film - sound added after 1951. Distributed by Contemporary Films in the 'Classics of Silent Cinema' section. Filmed at what was known colloquially as 'Mrs Joe's cafe'. The cafe owner is Assunta, Enrico's mother.

2 CORKY Date: 1956 Director: filmed by Enrico Cocozza: sound Colour: col Running time: 20 mins Genre: amateur, fiction, drama Description: The adventures of a young boy in Wishaw, Lanarkshire.

Winner of the Scottish Film Council Prize - £10, at the Scottish Amateur Film Festival (SAFF), 1958.

3  BONGO EROTICO Date: 1959 Director: filmed by Enrico Cocozza Production company: TIC [Tongue in Cheek]  silent Colour: bw  FICTION  Running time: 9.15 mins Genre: amateur, avant garde experimental Description: A devilish, surreal nightmare of bisexual lust. [Erotic fantasy scenes reproduced in negative].

Jim Hastie, one of Cocozza's actors, recalls that the title of the film was a spoof on the feature film Expresso Bongo which was released around the time. Mark Baird, actor in film, recalls that he and his sister and friends used to hang around the Cocozza's cafe at Wishaw Cross and got involved in the film 'because it was just something to do at the time'. He thought it was going to be 'something like that Cliff Richard film that had come out at the time'. (Jan 2002)

4 ROBOT THREE  Date: 1951 Director: filmed by Enrico Cocozza Production company: CFU [Connoisseur Film Unit] Sound: Colour: Fiction: Fiction Running time: 12 mins   Description: Fictional story following the lines of a Frankenstein type horror movie: A grim scientist, when two of the ROBOTs he has created fall in love, orders his third ROBOT to destroy the "male" one. The "female" ROBOT susequently seduces her creator scientist into drinking from a poisoned cup, and makes her escape.....

ROBOT THREE was awarded the Victor Saville Trophy (for most outstanding film) and the Alfred Hitchcock Cup (for best Fiction Film) at the 1952 Scottish Amateur Film Festival.

5  NINE O'CLOCK Date: 1951 Director: filmed by Enrico Cocozza Production company: CFU [Connoisseur Film Unit] Sound: Colour: bw   Fiction:  Running time: 20 mins  Genre: amateur, drama, surrealism  Description: Story of a young man's last few hours before he commits suicide.

Entered in the fiction category of the Scottish Amateur Film Festival of 1952, winning the Humphrey Jennings Memorial Trophy- for the film showing the best sensitive and imaginative treatment. 


Genre: amateur, fiction, horror