The Daydreaming Archivist: Amateurs and Auteurs

Wed 15 June 2011 // 19:30 / Cinema


This final screening of the Daydreaming Archivist series is the culmination of the main programming interest of the project which is 'Amateurs and Auteurs'. Whilst looking through the archive we tried to watch as much local amateur filmmaking as possible and dig out from that the most interesting pieces. A selection of curious, talented pieces of works by non professionals who were making film just for pleasure solo or in film clubs. The programme includes work from the inspirational Middlesbrough based Dentist TH Brown, whose representation in the archive is quite prolific.  Also included is Upper Coquetdale Film Group with their incredible landscape photography and colours, it's enough to make Tarkovsky weep. We screen the opening segment of their long film 'Coquetdale Menader'.For those craving something more melodramatic we have also selected 'The Adventure of the Kiltoun Cup', made by Teesdale Cine Club, a local take on a Sherlock Holmes-esque thriller.

Also screening in a preamble reception to the programme are new film commissions produced by Film Bee members Mat Fleming, Debbie Bower, Christo Wallers, Chris Bate & Sarah Bouttell.  Working with existing films in the archive, Filmbee have created, adapted and combined bits and pieces into new works.