Saneamento Básico (Basic Sanitation)

Dir. Jorge Furtado, Portuguese with English subtitles, 2007

Wed 6 July 2011 // 19:30 / Cinema


Celebrated Brazilian director Jorge Furtado turns his innovative filmmaking approach to the story of a town who need to build a new sewer.

Whilst there is no state money for a new drain there is funding available to make an educational film.

A young couple do some creative budgeting, planning to have enough money to make a low-budget film and a new sewer.

Superbly acted, this is an upbeat and comic look at social activism and how government funding, or lack of it, can shape communities.

Brazil 2007 Dir. Jorge Furtado 112 min.
In Portuguese with English subtitles

Showing as part of RCE North East 2011 programme of events in partnership with Newcastle University and Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability.