Docs at Sea: the fishing industry

Dir. Various Filmmakers

Thu 23 June 2011 // 19:30 / Cinema

Amazing archive film shows how the industry used to be in its hayday of the 50's and 60's.  Adrin Neatrour's film Catch-a-Fishie (2006) tells the story of how it is now.

A night of amazing archive film about the fishing industry: including film from the 1960's featuring British trawlers fishing in the Artic Ocean; and Adrin Neatrour's documentary film  Catch-a-Fishie shot in 2006 about the decline in fishing on the North East Coast, featuring strong on board footage of the prawn trawling. 

More info about Catch-a-Fishie here:

Film: £5/£3.50 (conc)