World exclusive black-tie red-carpet gala premiere of dystopolis

Dir. daniel p a wallder, english, 2011

Wed 1 June 2011 // 19:30 / Cinema

dystopolis (2011, dir. daniel p a wallder, 15 min)

two men journey through a devastated landscape, populated by a derelict society. a nightmare trip in a post industrial wasteland.

shot throughout the north by ae'i and itinerant motion picture company, in association with the star and shadow cinema.


- the world premiere of a music video for the half past never band (4 min, dir. arto polus)

- short film: harmonica avenger (9 min, dir. arto polus)


expect live acoustic music in the cinema, and a special dj set from ghetto method!

 this summers most anticipated cinematic release and this seasons hot-ticket social event. expect one right proper posh knees-up, best frocks and whistles