Expanded Cinema Night Curated By The Cube Cinema: "We Are Family"

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Thu 24 January 2013 // 19:30 / Cinema

A very special film night with films projected in the whole building! Curated by some film programmers from the very great volunteer-run Cube Cinema in Bristol, it promises to be different and inspirational!


The Cube Cinema is a volunteer run cinema in Bristol - its very  similar to Star and Shadow actually. 
Tonight we have two volunteers from the Cube, Jelena and Marko  presenting a selection of films on the theme of (dysfunctional) families.


The films will lead an exploration of the Star and Shadow with each one projected in a different room - from the toilets, to the office to the auditorium! 


Come along and watch recycled Japanese soothsayers, the hells angels  off on a river boat holiday, incest and the beatles in sixties Australia,  a family who live in the furniture displays of Ikea stores, and the world turning upside down again and again.
Its a selection of shorts, documentaries and artists films.


The Cube programmers have assembled a great programme of artist’s film, rare documentary, and short fiction called WE ARE FAMILY.

If you’ve ever been part of a collective (or any work organisation) you’ll know the experience is a mixture of friendship, arguments, politics, flirting, work and shirking, endless meetings, egos, emails, inspiration and disillusion (and vice versa), drinking, cleaning, boredom and fun.

Its basically like being part of a large dysfunctional family – hence the name of the programme,WE ARE FAMILY.  The Cube programmers have chosen a set of films that, as well as being films they love, reflect a bit of that of that experience…

Christmas present from the Star & Shadow: FREE!!

As a little Star & Shadow Christmas present from the Star & Shadow to you, the night will be FREE!!!!!!!!!!

Jelena and Marko curate the Bioskop strand of programming at the Cube