Checkpoint Rock: Songs From Palestine (2009)

Dir. Javier Corcuera/Fermín Muguruza , Arabic with English subtitles, Spain

Tue 2 July 2013 // 19:30 / Cinema

A film to raise awareness of the vitality of the Palestinian resistance against the military occupation and colonisation that seeks to impose Israel in the occupied territories. From singers Habib Al Deek and Muthana Sha'baan, to rappers DAM and Safaa Arapiyat, celebrated Le Trio Joubran and soul singer Amal Murkus, the richness and diversity of the local music scene is explored in this joyous documentary. 

The journey starts with footage of Marcel Khalife reading at Mahmoud Darwish's funeral, and the spirit of the late, great poet pervades the film. Music becomes the perfect metaphor for a people to remember that singing does not die: as what it means to be Palestinian can be conveyed, the sense of nation will remain alive in the hearts of the people. Checkpoint Rock is a lesson in collective hope and inner harmony.