By Order Of Things (Vom Ordnen Der Dinge) (2013)

Dir. Jurgen Brugger / Jorg Hassengier, German (with English Subtitles), Germany

Thu 25 September 2014 // 19:30 / Cinema

Film Season Screening 3/4

Collectors, counters, surveyors, “self-optimisers” – they all believe in the explainability of the world. It always comes down to giving order to chaos.  A sympathetic film about unusual people and unusual habits.

Documentation of seemingly ordinary people who have an unusual penchant for around them to capture the world through statistics and classification systems.Among them are researchers who want to get at the boundlessness of their field by orders of different degrees of bureaucratic order fantasies degenerate into endless bureaucracy and ordinary people who spend their everyday lives so constantly divide their environment by some kind of statistics into categories, to the turmoil and sensations of the fast-paced world to master.The problem for many is the order of obsession when it no longer takes place only in the minds of individuals but also the complex bureaucracy of the state of sheer instinct order loses its efficiency and effectiveness - and mutates into a lumbering monster.

“With great respect the directors portray human beings first,  they portray without making fun of their odd preoccupations”

“a sympathetic film about unusual people “ Michael Meyns.