He Who Gets Slapped

Dir. Victor Sjostrom, English intertitles, USA, 1924

Sun 11 January 2015 // 19:30 / Cinema

starring Lon Chaney as an inventor who suffers cycles of abuse and betrayal before (and after) running away to join the circus, Sjostrom and Chaney combine to heartbreaking perfection in the first true MGM studio feature...live score by Newcastle based improvisational big band Helictite

formed in 2005 the Helictite ensemble is an enviable roll call of Newcastles finest world/jazz/folk/avant garde musicians who breeze efortlessly in and out of the agregation

the Helictite ethos: all playing was improvised; any instruments were valid; all visiting musicians, including non-musicians, were welcome; simple cues, given by any member, would guide the musicians to peaks and plateaus; Helictite could be any combination of its members.