Eyes Wide Open; submit your own film

Dir. Various, Various, Various, Various

Sun 21 December 2014 // 19:30 / Cinema

We want to see your films! All welcome; whether it is drama, documentary, experimental, animation, archive, holiday film, work-in-progress, amateur, professional or what ever; come and show it in a friendly environment. We might even, out of interest, ask few questions about it. So please do indulge your audience.

Free entry!

Guideline maximum length 10 minutes. Also get in touch about analogue formats and longer pieces in advance to make sure we can accommodate your needs.

The aim is to meet and map local (short) film talent and see whether there is a possibility of putting together a touring program from North East of England to be shown in alternative cinemas in Europe.

Other open screenings are 21st December 2014 and 25th February 2015. These are Kino Climates inspired events.

Kino Climates is a European network of independent cinemas to support the freedom of programming and diversity in film culture. Our aim is to generate new ways to work while maintaining our heritage.