EXquisite Corpse Cinema + short films of Carole Luby and Kris Canavan

Dir. Various, unknown, Various, 2014

Wed 14 January 2015 // 19:30 / Cinema

What is Exquisite Corpse Cinema?
Exquisite Corpse Cinema is a collaborative film project that incorporates randomness and chance. 

Thirteen filmmakers were asked to make films between 2- 5 mins long on any subject they wish. Their only requirements were the use of prompts, an interpretation of a prompt given to start their film and another to end it. The prompts would become seques leading to the next film. There are thirteen prompts for thirteen films, and each filmmaker randomly picked their prompts, unaware who's film would come before or after theirs.

For example one of the prompts was Whistling Tea Kettle/ Naked Foot . The filmmaker was challenged how to connect the dots of this random pairing. The following filmmaker had Naked Foot/ Burning match which lead to another random pairing and other possibilities.

Many of these filmmakers have never met, and live in different cities and countries. They have no idea how their films fit into the finish project.

EXquisite Corpse features films from around the globe that randomly connect to make one surreal feature film. 

Gretchen Burger: Seattle, Caryn Cline: Seattle, Salise Hughes: Seattle, Reed O'Beirne: Seattle, Eric Ostrowski: Seattle, Arto Polus: Newcastle (UK), Ben Popp: Portland, Kathleen Quillian: San Francisco, Kelly Sears: Boulder, Andy Spletzer: Seattle, Vorky Tim: Ruma (Serbia), Dustin Zemel: Baton Rouge, Robert Zverina: Kaupo

+ short films by Carole Luby and Kris Canavan