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Neurodiversity Pride


A Relaxed Screening

(Ron Howard) 1984 111m PG

Sun 30 June 2019 // 14:00 / Cinema

Tickets: £5/Carers Free

A fun 80's romantic comedy for Summer starring openly autistic actor, Daryl Hannah.

A young boy is rescued by a mermaid and 20 years later (played by Tom Hanks) is reunited with the mysterious dream woman (Daryl Hannah). Before they can choose between dry land and the deep sea they must contend with a scheming scientist.

Contains mild nudity and language. £5 per ticket, carers/personal assistants go free, no-one will be turned away through lack of funds. 

This Relaxed Screening will be played with the lights up a bit, volume a bit lower and with Captioned Subtitles. The audience are free to move around the cinema and come and go as needed. There will be a break room space available. Everyone is welcome as the screening aims to be inclusive, however due to sensory sensitivities of some of our guests, we do not recommend the screening for children under two years old.