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Let Dr DJ Chocky Peanuts takes you on a magic carpet ride of a nostalgic Komputer game bop!

Komputer Game Klassiks Vol 1!

Sat 30 May // 17:30 / Venue Space

Tickets: 100 Gold Rings

DJ Chocky Peanuts presents Komputer Game Klassics Volume 1: a nostalgic & life affirming magic carpet ride of a bop that charts the many peaks & troughs of old skool gaming OSTs ft. some of the author’s own personal SNES & Megadrive heavy faves + more culturally significant tracks such as ‘Tri-Fusion’; a proto-grime instrumental from 1994, written & produced by Newcastle born producer Dylan Beale for the Wolverine: Adamantium Rage OST (SNES) Strap in & saddle up, you’re in for wild ’n’ bumpy ride!