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Celebrate St Andrew's Day with us

Haggis & Highlander

Mon 30 November // 20:00 / Cinema

Tickets: FREE

What better way to celebrate St Andrew’s Day, fly our Saltire’s south of the border and enjoy another day of the national lockdown than to have a very very special food and film treat for you all.

We’ll be making Vegan Haggis, Neeps & Tatties for you lovely people to come and collect from the venue on 30th November. 

You don’t have to be a volunteer at the Star & Shadow and it’s free….yes that’s right FREE - but you'll need to register.

We haven’t got unlimited supplies of this very famous Scottish delicacy so you’ll have to sign up if you want some, then collect within a given early evening time slot. 

If you are worried you’ll miss out because you are shielding from the virus for medical reasons - don’t worry - we’ll drop it off for you.

On top of all that we invite you to communally join us online, the very same night (maybe give the haggis a blast in the microwave) and watch probably the most authentic Scottish film ever made - Highlander.

  • Sign up via link
  • Pick up food from venue between 5.30-7.30pm (or let us know if you need it dropping off because you are shielding)
  • Then sit down at home at 8pm to watch Highlander. We'll send you the link to watch before the stream starts.

At the Star & Shadow Cinema we don’t believe there can be only one - we’re a cooperative and decide things by consenus with no managerial heirarchy. 


The food and film are free but at Star & Shadow we've lost all of our income from bar, cafe and ticket sales due to the virus.

You can however donate here >>>>> https://ko-fi.com/starandshadow