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“The Tale of The Winter Sun” created by Fowk

Sun 24 January // 20:00 / Radio

Tickets: No Pounds


The Town of Prosper, where productivity is its aim and there are no games and people work all summer, which lasts 24/7, 365 days a year. That is until one day the town wakes to find darkness and what’s this white, cold, powder all over the ground- The Sun has gone? In a panic at the disruption of productivity and the lives of her towns people, only one girl is brave enough to cross over the wall into The Wilderness, in the hopes of finding the Sun and bringing him back. What mystical creatures will she find along her journey, what will she learn and will she ever find the Sun?


A magical adventure story suitable for all ages, influenced by winter folktales from around the world and adapted with a new modern moral.


Creating the piece:

The Tale of The Winter Sun was created by actors during lockdown as a way to bring actors together who had lost their work and were feeling lost themselves. It was voiced during lockdown in our own home-made vocal booths with no funding. We all wanted to come together to make a magical form of affordable, escapist, entertainment. Our show is free so it can be accessible for people of all backgrounds but are asking audiences to donate to our ko-fi page www.ko-fi.com/fowktales by buying a coffee for our actors or donating the price of a theatre ticket, if they feel like they are able to.