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more than just a request show...

The {Live} [Music] (Video) Jukebox Jam

a participatory cross platform entertainment programme

Sun 28 February // 18:00 / External

Tickets: FREE

a sort of radio request show
a kind of music video collection
a bit of crowd sourced entertainment
a type of diy interactive participatory production

Join Odd Job Dan on Metastream to contribute requests directly to the playlist live...

Participate directly in programming by selecting a treasured music video freely available online. Share the link and text any shouts or chat with Dan on Metastream live. Listen In or Watch Along.

Listen on MIXLR


Watch on Our Site


Contribute on Metastream

(if you already have Metastream set up please skip to step 04)
step 01:visit getmetastream.com on your internet browser
step 02:install the Remote Browser Extension to enable the live video link
step 03:shut down and restart your browser to activate the new settings...
step 04:find a favourite music video freely available online and copy the url from the address bar
step 05:follow the event link to Metastream from here
step 06:drop your url link directly into the playlist, text any comments or shouts and wait for the cue to drop...