Thu 2 June 2011 // 18:00 / Cinema

Come along and find out more about your favourite DIY cinema, and how to get involved.  Everyone welcome!


Inductions are about getting an introduction to the ethos and running of the cinema. The cinema has some systems in place which are there to make things easier for everyone and to make the cinema safe. We run inductions to working at the cinema – 2nd Saturday of every month at 11am, and the first Thursday of every month at 6pm (free film screening afterwards for the people who attend the induction) – or you can have your own induction if you come in about an hour before the first shift you do and someone with the know-how will show you the ropes.



The Star and Shadow Cinema runs on the love and work of a large and ever-growing collective of volunteers.


Pretty much everything you see in the cinema was built by volunteers over eight months between April and November 2006 (and ongoing!). Running the cinema - now it is open - is entirely a voluntary activity. Our volunteers have an amazing amount of skills between them – and collectively we can make this cinema the best and most open space for seeing films, being creative, changing the world etc.


We are always looking for people to work with us to share the work.


Everyone who volunteers chooses how much time they dedicate to the cinema, and what roles they want to take on. You can volunteer for a job, a one-off occasion, a regular weekly slot – however it best fits with you. Some of this work you need to be in the cinema. Some of it you don’t. Some of it helps if you have a car. We have computers for computer work but a lot of it can be done from any computer.


Perks of the job – apart form the warm glow you get from making the Star and Shadow light up – are a free film in exchange for a shift you work and cheaper drinks while you are working.