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Open meeting

Mon 4 April // 19:00 / External
Tue 3 May // 19:00 / External
Mon 4 July // 19:00 / External
Mon 5 September // 19:00 / External
Mon 7 November // 19:00 / External
Tue 3 January 2023 // 19:00 / External
Mon 6 February 2023 // 19:00 / External

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Open meetings are held 7 times a year on the first Monday of the month.

This year each meeting will focus on one group or collective and one of the volunteers from the group will come along to give an overview of the group, provide a bit of background and talk about what they do, how you can join and answer your questions.

For the second meeting this year, on Tuesday 3 May 2022 at 7pm, we will look at all things practical and administrative. Concentrating on the back of house processes which enable volunteers and programmers to put on events with everything needed to be in place. Come and learn about how the Star and Shadow Cinema came to be in the building and how our building was designed to be fire safe; gain knowledge of the different regular tasks completed by volunteers and find out how you can take part.

At the next meeting on Monday 4 July 2022 we will be joined by a volunteer from the build team who will give some background to the building, provide an update on current building tasks and plans, and find how out what you can help with.

To join, please find the zoom link to the online meeting in the rota on the toolkit.

Meeting dates:-

Tuesday 3 May 2022 at 7pm (Bank holiday Monday)

Monday 4 July 2022 at 7pm

Monday 5 September 2022 at 7pm

Monday 7 November 2022 at 7pm

Tuesday 3 January 2023 at 7pm (Bank holiday Monday)

Monday 6 February 2023 at 7pm