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Star and Shadow Cinema presents…


"Gooble Gobble, One Of Us"

Dir: Tod Browning, 1932, USA, 62mins, Cert 12

Thu 18 April // 19:30 / Cinema

Tickets: £7/£5/£3/FREE

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Previously banned in the UK by British censors, Freaks is a landmark horror film directed by the great Tod Browning. 

The story revolves around a circus community comprised of individuals with various physical deformities and disabilities. The central plot follows Hans, a dwarf who is set to inherit a large sum of money. Cleopatra, a beautiful trapeze artist, discovers Hans' inheritance and decides to marry him for his wealth.

The film is notable for its use of real-life individuals with deformities as actors, providing a unique and unsettling atmosphere that challenges societal norms and prejudices. The movie's controversial content contributed to its initial poor reception, but it has since gained recognition as a cult classic for its unconventional approach to horror and its exploration of the human condition.