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Japanese indie stop motion

Junk Head

Painstakingly created by one man over 7 years

Dir. Takehide Hori, 2021, Japan, 101 mins, 15

Sun 28 April // 19:30 / Cinema

Tickets: £7/5/3/free

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Junk Head is an expansive stop-motion sci-fi action thriller, meticulously styled and set in a dark and perilous universe that harbours surprises around every corner.

In the distant future, mankind has lost its ability to procreate, a human-created species has revolted and developed a separate society underground. When a virus wreaks havoc on the surface, an expedition is launched to study how this newly developed species procreate, in an ultimate but desperate attempt to save humankind.

Over seven years in the making, Junk Head is the work of one obsessively dedicated man, Takahide Hori, who has singularly created the sets, puppets, sound, music and special effects and then animated everything to bring this masterpiece to the big screen.