Josie Long: Romance And Adventure


After a sell out gig in January 2012, the Star and Shadow are super excited to welcome back the wonderful, inspiring, hopeful Josie Long for not one, BUT TWO NIGHTS of pure comedy loveliness. 

Here's what Josie has to say: Hello there! My name is Josie Long and I am 30 years old and that is frankly a little alarming. This is my 6th solo stand up show, and it's about freaking out about growing up and climbing a mountain and how much i bloody loved that. It's about social justice and how excellent Dennis Skinner MP is. There's a bit in it where i pretend to be a sort of godzilla for some reason and also a bit where I definitely come across as a psychopath. If you like the sound of any of that then I'd be delighted if you came to see it. If you don't then come and bring a book or just use the hour constructively for your own thoughts. I swear a lot, I'm sorry about that. If you hate swearing you could substitute every F word for "very" and every C word for "monster". That should work. 

Twice Best Comedy Award Nominee. Best Newcomer Award Winner. Novice Climber. Ranter.

"Josie Long is poised to become the most relevant voice in British Comedy" - The Skinny

Tickets £10

Advance tickets available from

This is going to be totally awesome!