Viva + Music! (2007)

Part of the NO SEASON

Director: Anna Biller
Certificate: Unknown
Format: Unknown

This one is sure to be a night to remember, as the Star and Shadow Cinema, in collaboration with King Pleasure, go all out to treat you to B-movie heaven! Our first midnight movie is a tremendous grindhouse treat, described by the LOS ANGELES TIMES as "a meticulously designed re-imagining of "classy"-minded '70's-era soft porn

boy meets girl, but more important, girl meets free love
that pays as much attention to the realities of the sexual revolution for women as it does the get-it-on aura of wet-bar aesthetics, polyester, peekaboo nudity and color-saturated interior decor." "It converts an earlier male generation's notion of swinger gratification into the pitfalls for females of the unfulfilled tease." "Biller stars (and strips) as a neglected Los Angeles housewife named Barbi who experiments with looser sexuality by becoming a call girl, only to find that her fantasies and those of the men she encounters hardly mesh." "Simply put, the movie pops with parodic joy
in the hoary double-entendres and presentational acting styles
and hotly lighted 35-millimeter cinematography that evokes lounge music album covers and Playboy ads." _ _ _ VIVA (Color, 120 minutes, 35mm) Genres: Sexploitation, Comedy, B-movie, Cult, Art… Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, Designer: Anna Biller (2007) "Decadent …uninhibited…shameless … calls to mind early films by provocators such as Russ Meyer, Pedro Almodóvar and especially John Waters." A suburban housewife in 1972 is abandoned by her husband, and goes out to find herself in the middle of the swinging Playboy-era sexual revolution. Looking for love and adventure, she explores nudist colonies, orgies, prostitution, bisexuality, and bohemia, becoming a Candide of the 1970's and finding liberation along the way. VIVA website: VIVA trailer: _ _ _ AND THERE'S MORE!!!! But there's also a whole evening of entertainment inspired by VIVA before hand, so get there early. The bill includes: PERIOD SHORTS (8.30pm) The evening will kick off with a bunch of fantastic b-movie shorts and adverts from the period, including drug education films made to keep little Skipper away from the arm candy, and nudie cutie shorts made to get you all hot under the collar and ready for some prime live action. BETTINA SPANKENHAUS & TITIANA TANTALEASE (about 9.30pm) Pumping up the crowd will be those two legends of naughty vaudeville, those love bunnies of the Fascinator Lounge, Bettina Spankenhaus and Titiana Tantalease, the twin tornados of tinsel, tassels and trouble! THE BACCHAE (10.00pm) We're delighted to welcome Leeds-based psych-rock garage oddities, The Bacchae, who the NME called “A dirty, skuzzy garage-rock band whose tracks sound like they were recorded in a shed in Detroit". DJ MICHAEL CLUNKIE - VINYL JUNKIE (10.30 - MIDNIGHT) The man with the phonographic needle in his arm is going to be playing choice Nuggets "from the first psychedlic era 1965-1968", and girl-guitar led hip-swinging rock from the Girls In The Garage compilations. Mixing those with Medway sound rave-ups such as The Milkshakes, Delmonas,Headcoat(ee)s, Holly Golightly, Ludella Black, Buff Medways and Buffets etc,and with a glossy frosting of Shadow Morton and Norton Records faves. PRIZES Your MC is the King of the Fez, Lord Leigh Park, and the price is an all inclusive £6 for members (£7 for non-members) with best-dressed prizes being awarded by Miss K Lundqvist herself.