The Dog Pound (La Perrera, Uruguay) (2006)

Part of the New Latin American Cinema

Director: Manuel Nieto Zas
Certificate: Unknown
Format: Unknown
Language: Spanish

Winner of the Best Film Award at the Rotterdam Film Festival, and elected Best Uruguayan Film of 2006 by the country’s Association of Film Critics, this is a slow and contemplative film about David, a 25-year-old who loves smoking pot, and has a heroic capacity for doing nothing.

Tragicomedy of a slacker, shot on 16mm.


Desperate and unfortunate, lazy and hesitant, David, a 25-year-old, has failed as a student and lost the scholarship that financially supported him in the capital city. Now he must pass an exam that will take place in a year if he wants this grant to continue. In order prepare, David has come to live at La Pedrera, a small beach town where his father has given him the mission of building a house during the winter.

This is the story of the construction as well as David's tragicomic fight to survive in a world where there are as many dogs as men and few women and where no one wants to work.


“Humorous chronicle of a year of trouble and sexual misery, achieves an odd mixture of triviality in its apparent purpose, of stylistic elegance and radical pessimism.”— French newspaper LIBERATION

"On a background of emotional and social misery, of sexual frustration and uncontrolled drug use, the construction essay of this young bourgeois turns into a tragicomic epic." - French newspaper LE MONDE (review from Jacques Mandelbaum, amazingly interesting film critic)

"Watching David exercise his almost heroic capacity for dodging any kind of activity beguiles for a bit, but the languorous rhythm of Manuel Nieto Zas’s directorial debut ensures ennui proves inescapable." - TIME OUT


Winner - Tiger Award (highest award) at the Rotterdam Film Festival

Best Uruguayan Film 2006, Association of Film Critics of Uruguay

"Llave de la Libertad" Award, Iberoamerican Festival of Huelva 2006

Winner - Best Cinematography - Clarin Entertainment Awards

The film was selected in 2009 to be part of a festival of films from Uruguay in 2009, in New York (Go Uruguay!)


Manuel Nieto Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1972.

He graduated in Media Studies from the Catholic University of Uruguay and after working in TV for some time, he co-directed the short film Nico & Parker in the year 2000.

Since then, he has worked as assistant director in the films 25 Watts and Whisky by Rebella and Stoll, Los Muertos by Lisandro Alonso and Hamaca Paraguaya by Paz Encina.

The Dog Pound is his first film.

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