Louder Now! "Greenham Granny" (1986)

Part of the Louder Now! Feminism On Film

Director: C Goldie
Certificate: Unknown
Format: 16mm
Language: English
Country: Unknown

In 1929 Nell Logan took part in a youth peace conference in Moscow. More than 50 years later she was among the women fighting against Cruise missiles at Greenham Common. GREENHAM GRANNY is a film portrait of Nell Logan, which shows her Greenham activities in the context of a life-long struggle by interweaving scenes from Nell's life in the mid 80s with archive material reflecting her past and half a century of history. 

Guest Speaker: Professor Sasha Roseneil (Birkbeck University).  Professor Roseneil has carried out research on the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp and on its feminist and queer politics, which was published as Disarming Patriarchy: Feminism and Political Action at Greenham (Open University Press, 1995) and Common Women, Uncommon Practices: The Queer Feminisms of Greenham (Cassell/ Continuum, 2000).  She also has met and interviewed Nell Logan.

LOUDER NOW! is brought to the Star and Shadow with support from The Gender Research Group at Newcastle University.

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