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DGA Presents


Drag King, Genderf***, Alternative Drag Collective

Fri 2 August 2019 // 20:00 / Venue Space

Tickets: £5 suggested donation

Come along to the dream prom night. The DGA collective and the Star and Shadow Cinema reclaims a traditionally hetronormative right of passage into an inclusive celebration of queer cabaret, drag and dancing. 

Re-live the teenage years but as your uninhibited Queer self! Dress how you want/ would have wanted come with whoever you want to love, or come by yourself or with a friend (a-romantic/ a-sexual pride). And Queer proms have no pressure-  you don't have to look fancy, you don't have to bring someone just come and enjoy love being celebrated in all its forms. Although we will be giving a prize to the best dressed :)

We know that many of us struggled through that time of our lives and that prom felt like a time when those feelings made us feel excluded we aren't always able to express our true selves without fear of phobia. NOT ANYMORE!

 This is THE night.  This is our night. <3

Please remember that this is an inclusive space and you can't judge someone's Queerness on what they look like or who they are with.

We look forward to seeing you all there xx