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Acid Waxa presents

FREE LOVE w/ Goa Flashbacks + DJs

AKA the artists formerly known as HAPPY MEALS!

Fri 6 December 2019 // 20:00 / Venue Space

Tickets: 7 early bird, 10 full price, 5 CONC on the night

HYPERSTITIOUS-UTOPIAN LUXURY NRG MODULE. The artists formerly known as HAPPY MEALS return to Geordie shores this December to serve up a cosmic dollop of their irresistible electronic disco-pop and sensual acid bops, tinged with their very #specialbend of folkloric transcendental druidism! Famed for their notoriously riotous live shows which have seen the Glasweigian duo rip open dance floors at festivals and clubs across the world. FREE LOVE tour the globe this time around in celebration of a new record entitled EXTREME DANCE ANTHEMS, which is released on Optimo Music.

With Lewis Cook revving the res' and manning the synths 'n' drunk machines onstage, singer Suzanne Rodden (tethered by an umbilical mic cable) goes on a punkish spacewalk around the audience, singing to lone individuals, climbing speaker stacks, and creating her own ad-hoc stages around the floor.