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Daedalus Film and Science Festival

The Air That We Breathe (event) + Under The Dome (film)

Air Quality in our city and monitoring Newcastle's Urban Environment

Chai Jing, 2015, China, 104 mins

Thu 31 January // 18:30 / Venue Space

Tickets: 'pay what you think.'

On average, we each inhale 14,000 litres of air every day - that’s about 175 baths full.

The Air That We Breathe event presents an evening of short presentations by experts, installations and a banned film, about urban air pollution -  its effects on our health, how we can monitor it, and how you can help.


18:30 "How Air Quality Affects Our Health" by Dr Chris Stenton

Dr Chris Stenton, a consultant physician at Newcastle RVI, specialising in respiratory diseases caused by environmental & occupational factors and former president of British Lung Foundation - Breathe North. Dr Stenton has over 60 papers/review articles on these and related subjects.


Two short presentations by Phil James, director of the Newcastle University's ground breaking  UO logo


18:45 "Air Quality 101" by Phil James

a short introduction to the science and tools behind Air Quality monitoring


19:00 "Monitoring Our Urban Environment" by Phil James

how the Urban Observatory tracks Air Quality (and more) - in our region, and how you can access the UK's largest set of publicly available real-time urban data and get involved.

Break for Refreshments

20:00 Screening of the banned Chinese documentary about pollution "Under The Dome" (click for details)

After the film, there will be an open Question and Answer discussion, in the venue, on the issues raised by the talks and the film. The bar will be open.

In addition, around the building, there will be stunning live visual projections by Novak Collective (http://novakcollective.com/) visualizing the UO real-time air quality data from some key Newcastle locations.