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Star and Shadow Radio presents


Presented by Em Anderson

Thu 28 January // 20:00 / Radio

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Fortnightly on Thursdays, 8pm.

A celebration of creative projects that never got finished, that have yet to be finished, or that never made it out into the world.

I’ll be asking my guests to search their bottom drawers and the abandoned corners of their laptops to rediscover secret and incomplete schemes.

This week my guests are Amy and Iain, the hosts of the wonderful and very popular The Dark Material Podcast. Amy and Iain are in the middle of a chapter-by-chapter read along of Philip Pullman's best selling Dark Materials series of books. 

We talk about the surprising things they've discovered while researching Pullman's work, how they manage to persevere with their mammoth project, and the experience of interviewing actors and creatives who worked on the recent BBC/HBO adaptation of the books.

I also get an exclusive on Amy's and Iain's favourite types of biscuit.

You can subscribe to The Dark Material Podcast here: https://www.darkmaterialpodcast.com 

Presented by Em Anderson

If you have an unfinished or unpublished project you’d like to talk about, email me at unfinished.unpublished@gmail.com

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