For International Sex Worker Day, North East Spicy Coffee Collective Presents...

Prostitutes of Lyon Speak

with post screening discussion

Sun 2 June // 13:00

Join us at the Star and Shadow Cinema for a special double bill screening for International … [more]

LTP #10 presents

Omen (Augure)

Fri 7 June // 20:00

Omen is the directorial debut from Belgian-Congolese rapper, Baloji, who masterfully weaves these stories together through … [more]

LTP #10 presents

Love Tapes

Fri 7 June // 22:00

Wendy Clarke's Love Tapes is an ongoing project inviting people to reflect on love. Over 2500 … [more]

LTP #10 presents


Sat 8 June // 16:00

Reas is a collective work that reinvents the musical genre: the performers dance and sing about … [more]

LTP #10 presents

Do not expect too much from the end of the world

Sat 8 June // 20:00

An overworked and underpaid production assistant is commissioned by a multinational company to film a workplace … [more]

LTP #10 presents

Forms of Circulation

Sat 8 June // 22:00

Forms of Circulation explores the wider impact of routine machine processes on their human and non-human … [more]

LTP #10 presents


Sat 8 June // 22:20

Like a conversation held on the border between one lifetime and the next, Samsara is a … [more]

LTP #10 presents


Sun 9 June // 14:00

When dancer Elena meets sign language interpreter Dovydas their instant connection bodes well for a romantic … [more]

Smoke Sauna Sisterhood

Sun 30 June // 19:30

In the darkness of a smoke sauna, women share their innermost secrets and intimate experiences, washing … [more]

Bollywood Film

English Vinglish

Sun 14 July // 19:30

Light-hearted yet touching and transformational journey of a woman in New York who doesn't know English. [more]